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 Register of Marriages

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PostSubject: Register of Marriages   Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:15 pm

Register of marriages

Natchiachia poured the wine into the chalice of Christos, and said "Master, I suffer because something deeply torments my heart.
I would like you to follow in your teachings, but I love a man named Yhonny, the love of a pure love, shining like a diamond ... what Aristotle says of this and what should I do? "

Christos answered: "When two people share a love as well, and intend to perpetuate our species procreating, God allows them, through the sacrament of marriage, to live their love. This love so pure, lived in virtue, glorifies God, because He is love, and love shared by men is the greatest gift to Him we can do. But, like baptism, marriage is a lifetime commitment, Natchiachia, chosen wisely, because once Yhonny and you're married, you can not subtract more. "
And these last words very surprised those present, as was common at that time the inconstancy ... Natchiachia again:
"But, Master, we will be strong enough to respect this choice and live without sin?"
Then Christos said:
"Know that it is the nature of men to doubt, and that their love for God and for his neighbor may be at risk
like everything in life. But the virtuous life is an ideal towards which man must strive. And, in his way, you can find help in prayer. Prayer may in fact be the means by which reinforce this love when necessary. Do not forget even the power of mercy, which is guaranteed thanks to a sincere repentance. "
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PostSubject: Re: Register of Marriages   Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:05 pm


Quote :
IG bride name:Code:

IG name Spouse:

Chapel van Heilige Sjnoel
Fief of Brabant
Wedding Officiant:
Marriage Date:
Witness Bride:
Witness Spouse:
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Register of Marriages
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