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 Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.

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PostSubject: Re: Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.   Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:01 pm

Frederick watched what happened with tension. The tought that his Duchess would do something for him instead of the other way round didn't put him at ease. Even if it was just giving a candle. He listened to the words of the Cardinal...

That light is the light of the Lord, the light that will guide you, and that you will have to bring as a gift to others.

He nods slowly. A symbolic candle...
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Hertogin van Brabant

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PostSubject: Re: Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.   Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:38 pm

With the candle in her hands does she walk to the man she allways can relay on, the only man from who she accepts commands, the man who takes care of here and everything she owns. While walking towards him, the light of the candle makes shadows on his faces and she looks to him.

Frederick please take this light, the light of the Lord, it will guide you.

Pippa streches her hands to him and gives him the light.
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PostSubject: Re: Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.   Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:08 am

Che la luce del Creatore ti guidi in questa tua nuova vita nella fede che stai ora intraprendendo
sussurra dolcemente

Poi apre  il libro  delle Virtu', quel  sacro testo che ha sempre  una risposta  per  ogni  nostra domanda, un consiglio , che e' un bastone al quale  il nostro  animo può appoggiarsi   per dissipare  i  dubbi ed  i dolori e la solitudine.
Ed inizia  a leggere.
Durante la  lettura, che conosce  benissimo, ogni tanto alza gli occhi per osservare  i presenti

Dalla vita di Christos:
E poi Christos si avvicinò alla fontana,
e disse ancora al Centurione:
"Per grazia dell'Eterno,
laverò via i tuoi peccati,
rinnovandoti nell'acqua,
la fonte di vita!"
A quel punto Christos immerse le sue mani unite sotto nel getto della fontana.
Bagnò il corpo del Centurione di quest'acqua,
sussurrando queste parole:
accetta di lavare questo uomo dai suoi peccati,
perché possa così rinascere nella comunità dei fedeli!
Nel nome dell'altissimo.

E'  il momento più intenso  della cerimonia.
Tacuma fa  un cenno all'uomo e gli sussurra, guardando il  fonte battesimale,
questa limpida acqua laverà ogni tua colpa, purificando la tua anima..
Ora tocca la Sacra Acqua e dolcemente bagna il capo di Frederick

Frederick Reginar
con quest'acqua io ti battezzo,
nel nome della Chiesa Aristotelica e dell'Altissimo,
grazie all'intercessione dei Santi ed al Divino Amore.
Sei ora parte della Comunità dei Viventi,
perché nel tuo cuore è certa la promessa della vita eterna.

China  il capo per qualche  istante per elevare  una  personale preghiera di  ringraziamento all' Altissimo.

Un leggero vocio inizia a provenire da coloro che silenziosi e immobili avevano seguito  la cerimonia con attenzione e commozione , essi avevano il bisogno di  parlare, di rallegrarsi ed esprimere la loro gioia a colui che quel giorno era entrato nella schiera degli uomini dell'Altissimo, e il vecchio sacerdote sapeva che non poteva fermarli.

Sollevando  il capo  sorride, prende dalla tasca della tonaca  una scatolina, ne estrae  il sigillo dei battezzati.

Lentamente  lo eleva perchè tutti possano  vederlo e poi lo consegna al  battezzato  stringendo le sue mani
Io ti donerò, Frederick Reginar,
il sigillo dal quale verrai riconosciuto dal popolo
come fedele aristotelico.
Si volta verso  i presenti e su tutti invoca la benedizione dell'Altissimo
Vi benedica  il Signore figlioli
Andate  in pace
poi li lascia liberi di congratularsi col loro caro

E mentre l'angolo della cappella dove  c'e' il fonte battesimale  si anima di voci , di abbracci, di vita egli silenziosamente si avvia verso la sagrestia, ringraziando, come ogni volta, il Suo Signore per quanto  gli stava concedendo.
May the light of the Creator to guide you in this your new life in faith that you are now taking
he whispers softly

Then he opens the Book of Virtues, the sacred text that always has an answer for our every question, a suggestion, which is a staff which our soul can lean to dispel the doubts and the pain and loneliness.
And begins to read.
While reading, that he knows very well, every now and then raises his eyes to look at the present
From the Life of Christos:
And then Christos came to the fountain,
and said to the centurion:
"By the grace of the Lord,
 I will wash away your sins,
renewing yourself in the water,
 the source of life! "
At that point, Christos dipped his hands together under the jet of the fountain.
 He wet the body of the Centurion of this water,
whispering these words:
agrees to wash this man from his sins,
so that he may be reborn in the community of the faithful!
In the Name of the Most High.
Amen. "

It is the most intense moment of the ceremony.
Tacuma nods, and whispers the man, looking at the baptismal font,
this limpid water will wash all your fault, purifying your soul ..
Now he touches the Holy  Water and gently bathes the head of Frederick

Frederick Reginar
I baptize you with this water,
in the name of the Church of the Most High and Aristotelian,
thanks to the intercession of the Saints and the Divine Love.
You are now part of the Community of the Living,
 because in your heart is certain the promise of eternal life.

Bows his head for a moment,  to raise a personal prayer of thanksgiving to Almighty.

A slight chatter starts to come from those who, silent and motionless, had followed the ceremony with attention and commotion, they had the need to talk, to express their joy and delight in him that day he entered the ranks of the men of the Most High , and the old priest knew he could not stop them.

Raising his head smiles, takes a small box from his pocket of his robe, pulls out the seal of the baptized.

Slowly elevates it because everyone can see it, and then delivers it to the baptized clutching his hands
I will give thee, Frederick Reginar,
 the seal from which you will be recognized by the people
 as a faithful Aristotelian.
He turns to the present and upon all invokes the blessing of the Most High
May the Lord bless you
Go in peace
then he  leaves them free to be congratulated with their dear

And while the angle of the chapel, where there is the  baptismal font, is alive with voices, hugs, life, he silently moves towards the sacristy, thanking, as every time, his Lord for what He was giving him the
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Hertogin van Brabant

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PostSubject: Re: Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.   Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:04 pm

Now the ceremony is over she takes the oppertunity to go to her Zio and to embrasse him. Maybe it looks strange for them who do not know how she is connected to him, to see her show her love to a cardinal. For her he is for most her so beloved Zio, the man who is always there for her, the best Zio ever.

It was wonderfull Zio, it touched my heart, thank you so much, whispers she in his ear. It is an honour to be your niece.
After a tender kiss on the soft cheek of the cardinal does she turn to Frederick.

Welcome to the family of Artisotians Frederick, you are a pearl in HIS flock.
Her cheek gets a little blush and her eyes a soft glance.
Now I am not alone your Duchess but also your gotmother so I think it is allowed.
She needs to stand on her toes to reach the cheek of Frederick and with her hand on his arm for support she gives him a kiss to congratulate.
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PostSubject: Re: Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.   Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:19 am

Tacuma didn't give him much of a warning... Just whispered something and all of the sudden his head was in the water. And then, all of the sudden, Frederick was baptised. Again. The vow others made for him as a newborn, now repeated as an adult. For a moment he stood in awe, pondering what would be best to do now. He received a medallion as well now. The medallion of those part of the Aristotelean community.

It was much to take in at a time. And again, all eyes were on him. It made him insecure. He prefered the shadow... The Duchess didn't give him much time to think. She kissed him on the cheeck and the staunch warrior now really became nervous. When would this end? From the moment she withdrew her face from his, he knelt down. Slowly as to not put too much pressure on his bad leg.

Your Grace... Starting from today, I will serve you with the blessing of the Almighty. I thank you for guiding me towards Him, and for giving me the honour of being testimony on this occasion.
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PostSubject: Re: Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.   Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:30 pm

La nipote lo bacia sulla guancia. Il suo tocco è lieve come un refolo di vento primaverile.
Tacuma la vede finalmente felice e pensa che ella meriti un po' di serenità.
troppo tempo è stata sola, troppi affetti ha perso...
Ti voglio bene Pippa le sussurra all'orecchio
e poi la guarda avvicinarsi a Frederick

mmmm ....il bagno lo ha colto forse di sorpresa?? Pensa sorridendo

The nephew kisses him on the cheek. Her touch is as light as a breath of spring wind.
Tacuma see her finally happy and thinks that she deserve a bit of serenity ...
she has been alone too long, too many loved ones she has lost ...
I love you Pippa whispers
and then looks closer to Frederick

mmmm .... swim took him by surprise perhaps? think smiling
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PostSubject: Re: Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.   

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Baptism of Frederick de Reginar.
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